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Have you ever looked at a photo on Houzz and thought, “How did they get it to look so perfect?” Then you have come to the right place. The secret to creating a space that’s stunning and magazine worthy is making the many individual choices that create a cohesive overall design. Many times when trying to design a new space homeowners want to create it in a modern style, but get off track when they see something they like that isn’t in alignment with their goals. Without realizing it, the design is muddied up and doesn’t quite achieve the look they were after. 

To help you pull off your beautiful design, we’ve created this short guide to keep you on track and give you the information you need to create your own HGTV home. 

Let’s jump right in….. 

1.Modern style homes are all about openness. This is the basis for all of your design decisions from here on out. When it comes to lighting, furniture spacing and design, countertops, window treatments, and everything else; they should all make the space feel more open and free

2. Choosing your color pallet is a crucial step in beginning your design. Stick with whites, grays, and beiges that will aid in your goal of a bright and airy modern space.

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3. Modern design emphasizes the quality and value of each piece. Whether that be furniture, artwork, lighting, or tools, we use every day like spoons and TVs. Rather than having lots of furniture in a room stick with a few well thought out pieces that make a statement.

4. Focus on furniture that feels luxurious without making the room feel crowded. Clean lines and simple colors are the way to go for a truly modern space. Keep an eye out for metallic finishes for a hint of industrial feeling in your modern space.

modern design kitchen remodel

5. With large windows and non-obtrusive window covers, modern design has its arms wide open to natural lighting. Keep this in mind when choosing window coverings and look for something that can fold up and away, and still be bright and simple when down. 

6. Functional spaces like kitchens shouldn’t be seen with Kitchen Aids and spoon holders on the countertops. Keep your flat surfaces clean and clear of all clutter. This also includes coffee tables, dinner tables, nightstands, and TV stands. 

modern design kitchen remodel

7. Speaking of countertops, solid color quartz or a lightly marbled granite or stone is a perfect choice. If you want to go for a more industrial look, concrete is a great option as well. Just be aware that it can get expensive and has different maintenance than stone or quartz. 

modern design floor tile

8. Tile can be a really fun part of any kitchen or bathroom remodel. When it comes to modern design simple and clean is definitely an option, but a kitchen tile backsplash can be a place where you could decide to make a fun choice! A unique pattern or color could be a way to add personality or a splash of interesting color. 

9. For your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it’s important to stick with a slab door design or something very similar to reduce the busyness of the cabinetry. As for paint color or stain; a white, gray, navy blue, or even black could work perfectly! The color of your modern cabinets is a bit more flexible. Just remember that typically a modern design is more on the monochromatic side. Meaning, if you pick navy blue cabinets, try to incorporate navy blue into your other furniture, so it all comes together uniformly. 

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10. Lighting fixtures in modern spaces are typically bold and make a statement. Either with their exciting and unique design or with their bright yet soft light. There are endless options when it comes to modern lighting, but when looking into the finish, stick with shiny materials such as chrome. 

modern design lighting fixture

11. Find simple storage pieces to hide away all of life’s messy hobbies. This includes cords from TV’s, gaming consoles, and stereos; they should be hidden in the wall or kept behind the furniture piece it sits on. 

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To sum up: monochromatic color pallet, clean and simple lines, bright and airy spaces, and no clutter. Stick to these guidelines, and you’ll end up with a stunning modern design in your home. Of course, these are just guidelines, and if you put your own spin on it and break some rules, that’s okay too as long as it’s done thoughtfully and intentionally. In the end, you’ll have a space that mirrors your personality and style. And who knows, maybe one that ends up as someone else’s design inspiration.  

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