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February 17, 2019
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Ever look at your kitchen and wonder if it could ever look like the ones you see in a magazine? It can be hard to see an old space in a new way. Take a look at these fun examples of what’s possible. Working collaboratively  with our clients, our design team and skilled craftsmen transformed these once boring and outdated kitchens into bright, functional, and beautiful spaces. 

Get inspired and you might just start seeing the potential in your own kitchen!

A Professional Chef’s Dream

A small, cramped kitchen transformed into a gourmet chef’s dream!

While respecting the homes architecture, we converted a small non-functional kitchen into a spacious workspace, with an efficient workflow. By moving a laundry room to the second floor and removing a load bearing wall we opened the kitchen up creating lots of storage for our avid cook. The creative use of color and texture, and the unique painted island cabinetry, complete this Symmes Township transitional kitchen. 

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From Dingy to Glitzy 

Creative textures and stark white finishes complete a successful and fun kitchen remodel. Our clients wanted a contemporary style in their Loveland home that would be easy to resell in the future if necessary. They also wanted to create a space that was lighter and brighter! The dazzling pendant lights are hard to miss and act as a jeweled necklace atop a beautiful dress that is the waterfall island countertop.  

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Welcome to the 21st Century

Custom cabinetry, distinctive moulding, textured tiles, and built in appliances are some of the features that grace this stunning kitchen renovation. A built-in refrigerator flows right into the new custom cabinetry with hardware matches perfectly to the cabinetry pulls. The bright white cabinets allow the light in the room to bounce around and illuminate the space beautifully. By implementing our lighting layer technique we added under-cabinet lighting to assist with any kitchen tasks. Ambient room lighting is provided by recessed fixtures expertly placed to give the space a pleasant ambiance. All of the lights are controlled by dimmer switches and can be adjusted for whatever the mood or occasion requires. 

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When you’ve lived in your home for a while sometimes it’s hard to see it in a new way. With over 40 years of experience in transforming homes, our talented designers and skilled craftsmen will help you bring the absolute best out of your kitchen.