Don’t Miss These 6 Unique Bathtub Faucets

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Are you looking for the perfect bathtub faucet to match your unique style? Look no further; these stunning bathtub faucets range from sleek modern designs to eye-catching traditional styles.

Sleek Modern

unique bathtub faucet

This look is all about keeping it sleek and modern. With clean lines and a beautiful arching neck, this bathtub faucet will get the job done while looking fabulous doing it!

unique bathtub faucet

Uniquely Traditional

This brushed nickel faucet is an ode to the faucets of yesteryear with modern technology! If you’re looking for a centerpiece in your bathroom design, I think you found it.

unique bathtub faucet

Simplistic Chameleon

Though at first, you might lump this bathtub faucet with all the other modern designs, this faucet is a style chameleon and would look great in almost any style bathroom.

unique bathtub faucet

Farmhouse Beauty

A familiar style with a new finish. Perfect for a farmhouse-inspired bathroom design, this matte black finish faucet will set the mood for your spa days.

unique bathtub faucet

Confortable Temperature Control

The option to separate your bathtub faucet knobs from the spout might not make sense when you first hear it. However, imagine sitting in a nice hot bath, leaning back and enjoying your long soak. Now the water gets cold, and you want to warm it up a bit. Typically you’d have to lean forward and turn the water back on. Not here, you can reach up and turn it back on. Brilliant!

unique bathtub faucet

There are many different styles and designs of bathtub faucets out there! These are just some of our favorites. If you’re looking for more bathroom remodel inspiration, head over to our BATHROOM GALLERY. Find everything you need to have a successful and beautiful bathroom remodel and download our FREE Bathroom Design Guide.