How to Figure Out Your Design Style: A 3 Step Process

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Ever feel at a bit of a loss when someone asks what style you like your home? Finding and explaining your own style can sometimes feel a little tricky. If you are like most people, part of the issue is that you probably don’t like just one style. Most people find that they love a mix of styles and tend to blend two or three together. After all, isn’t that what makes it possible to have your own unique design? And who wants to be put into a neat little box anyway. This can, however, make it hard to express your taste to a designer when you’re working on improving your home. In the spirit of not over complicating things, we’re going to share a simple three-step process that will help you identify your own personal style and make it easy to communicate it to a designer or anyone else who might be helping you with your home.

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Step One: Take a Look Around

A lot of information about what you gravitate to is likely hiding right in plain sight. Start by taking a look around your house and making a note of the things you love, and the things that you don’t care for. Observe the big picture first. Is it dark tones or light? Is it busy or simple? Does the overall feel speak to you, or does it lack your personality? Make a note of the things you do and don’t like and maybe even start a list or take photos of the items you want. Don’t worry too much about analyzing why you do or don’t like them; you’re just collecting information on gut feel right now.

 how do I figure out design style loveland oh

Step Two: Browse for Inspiration

Grab a glass of your favorite wine or mug of Joe, find a comfortable chair and get ready to be inspired! There are many ways to find inspiration photos online, and our personal favorite is Houzz because of its focus on homes and for its ease of use.

Start by searching more broadly, like Farmhouse Kitchen or Modern Bathrooms. As you see things that speak to you, save them in your Ideabook. Go with your gut here, don’t over think it or even worry about why you like it. I something lands with you, save it.

As you start to see things you like, begin narrowing your search a bit. Maybe search for glass tile accents or modern slipper tub.  Here again, just save things as they speak to you and don’t worry too much about analyzing them. Have fun with this and collect a lot of ideas as you go. (Take a look here for help with getting set up to use Houzz.)

If you’re like the rest of us, Houzz will be a bit of rabbit hole, and you may have to come up for air before you move on to the next step.

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 how do I figure out design style loveland oh

Step Three: Notice the Patterns

Now it‘s time to go back and take a look at the photos you saved during the last step. Start by looking at each one and noticing what it is you like about it. Use the note feature in Houzz to jot down what comes to mind. Maybe it is just the overall feel, perhaps it the hardware on the cabinet. No matter how broad or detailed it is, make a note and identify what’s speaking to your sense of style. As you do this, make a note of the things that keep coming up. Did you save a lot of photos with white cabinets? Dark countertops? Wood floors? Are the wall colors in the rooms you like consistent? Patterns will invariably appear as you go through the images and an overall style trend will begin to appear.

Don’t worry if your style does not fit into any one category. It doesn’t have to; it just needs to be you.

Your Ideabook and notes that you have accumulated will be an invaluable tool when you’re speaking with a designer or even someone at a showroom who’s trying to help you find just the right piece for your home.

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Bonus Step: Smart People Make Smart Choices

Our goal with these pieces is to help you get the information you need to make educated choices for your home and family. If you have found this helpful, or have questions or requests for other topics, please leave them below and we will make sure you get the answers you need.

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