5 Ways Plumbing Fixtures Can Make Cooking in Your Kitchen Easier

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Whether you’re someone who loves spending hours in the kitchen cooking elaborate meals, or you prefer to make something quick, having the right plumbing fixtures in your kitchen will make life easier and more productive. The good news is, many of them are functional and beautiful!

Single Lever Faucet with Pull-Down Option

 ways plumbing fixtures can make cooking easier cincinnati oh

According to consumerreports.com single lever faucets are the most popular kitchen faucets installed in homes today. Add in a pull-down option that lets the faucet double as a spayer, and you’ll have a truly versatile tool! Single lever faucets are the easiest to operate, take up less space on your sink or counter, and require fewer mounting holes than their multi-handled cousins. Fewer mounting points also means not squeezing your hands between all those handles to clean between them.

The majority of single lever faucets meet the Americans with Disability Act specifications due to their ease of use by everyone from young children to the elderly. There’s only one small downside that we’ve found with single lever faucets, and that’s precise temperature control that two-handled faucets enjoy.

Soap Dispenser

So this is technically not a plumbing fixture, but anything this handy gets a pass on a technicality. Do you hate seeing that ugly gunked up soap container on the counter?  A built-in soap dispenser is a simple but excellent addition to your kitchen and helps create a clean and uncluttered counter space. Though most are designed to use liquid soap, some are compatible with powder and foam soaps as well.

 ways plumbing fixtures can make cooking easier cincinnati oh

Now the big question, will you use hand soap or dish soap in your new dispenser? This is a highly debated question and in the end is simply a personal choice. Many people like dish soap in their dispenser to have the versatility of washing up those one or two items on a moments notice and don’t mind washing their hands with it as well. Others prefer their favorite hand soap if they tend to wash their hands very often. In the end it’s up to you, and if you can’t decide there’s always the option of having two soap dispensers, one for each type of soap.

Garbage Disposal

Unless your home uses a private septic system, a garbage disposal is a tool many people just can’t live without.

Probably the most common use for a disposal is when cleaning up the dishes after a meal.

Scraping and rinsing off plates in one motion, instead of repeated trips between the garbage can and sink is faster and less messy. There’s also less worry if some larger piece of leftover food gets by you and goes down the drain. Garbage disposals do require a small bit of attention as they have been known to get a little smelly if little bits of food get stuck in the bottom. It’s important to make sure they are flushed out and cleaned regularly to keep them smelling fresh.

When selecting a new garbage disposal, consider one with an auto-reverse feature. Auto-reverse will automatically reverse its rotation if it senses that something is getting stuck. This will prevent the disposal from getting jammed and requiring professional service. It also might keep your disposal from eating your fork.

Hot Water Dispenser

For sure more of a luxury item hot water dispensers are handy in more ways than you might think.

Though tea drinking purists might gasp at the idea, hot water dispensers are great for making a quick cup of tea! They can also be used to blanch veggies and rinse off boiled potatoes and pasta without cooling them down. They make rinsing off plates after dinner easier too because the hot water pulls the mess off the plate faster.

Many hot water dispenser models offer a thermostat and an on/off switch so you can control the temperature of the water and shut them off completely if you go away on vacation. Some of the higher-end models are equipped with a water filter and chilled water options. No more need to keep that pitcher in your refrigerator or a clunky filter on your faucet. You’ll also save your wallet and the planet by reducing your use of bottled water.

If you have young children in your home and safety is a concern, most models are equipped with safety features and childproof handles. On some models, the spout is insulated so it won’t be too hot to touch after dispensing water.

Bar/Prep Sink

According to NativeTrails.net, the average American spends an hour and a half prepping food and cleaning up after the meal. Anything that can help reduce that number is a God-send that means more time with your guests and family. No matter what you call it, a prep sink, veggie sink, bar sink, or anything else, these smaller accessory sinks are a great addition to any kitchen. When cooking with your spouse, a second sink will make working together in the kitchen much more convenient and keep you from fighting over the sink.

 ways plumbing fixtures can make cooking easier cincinnati oh

The additional sink will look great in your kitchen but its location is all about convenience and practicality. A very popular location is on the island since meal prep is so convenient on the open countertop surface. Cleaning and prepping veggies in the same sink your tossing dirty dishes in isn’t always appetizing either.

A couple of things to keep in mind if you do consider adding a sink to your kitchen remodel are space and cost. A prep sink will take up precious counter space, so if you’re already feeling a bit scarce of counter surface, a prep sink might not be a good idea. They will also involve the same amount of plumbing work to install the water and drain pipes as a normal kitchen sink, meaning more cost to the bottom line of your project.

Pick & Choose

Whether you decide you need all of these great options, or just one or two, these plumbing fixtures are a great way to personalize your kitchen and create a luxury space to cook and entertain.

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