Get Inspired by this Modern Kitchen Remodel in Loveland

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August 31, 2019
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September 15, 2019

Creative textures and stark white finishes complete a successful and fun kitchen remodel. Our clients wanted a contemporary style in their Loveland home that would be easy to resell, and create a space that is lighter and brighter! The dazzling pendant lights are hard to miss and act as a jeweled necklace atop a beautiful dress that is the waterfall island countertop.

This living room was in desperate need of a facelift! With unique tile, a fresh coat of paint, and modern furnishings this previously drab living room is now bursting with style.

Hate cleaning hand towels? Our clients wanted to bring the luxury of a hand dryer in their home, and they did it with style. The feature wall in this bathroom has modular wall art that makes you feel as if you’ve just walked into an uptown hotel bathroom.

Remodeling a kitchen is an excellent opportunity to create a space that fits how you and your family live. If you’re looking for more inspiration or wondering how to get started with your project, download our free Kitchen Design Guide here!


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