Tile Shapes: How to Use Them Perfectly in Your Home

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options there are when it comes to selecting tile? Tiles come in many shapes and sizes, and then there are many ways to install them. Let’s dig into the basics and take some of the mystery out of getting the right tile design for your space.

The Square

The basic square comes in a variety of sizes; everything from a little half inch tile up to huge formats! Square tiles are most often installed in a basic straight pattern, a 45 angle, or diamond pattern. Sometimes they are even installed staggered where they overlap each other. Because of their simplicity they are great to mix with different tile shapes to create unique patterns and designs. It might seem like a boring square tile, but don’t dismiss it too quickly. There are some stunning designs made with this basic shape.

The Rectangle

The more common tile shape used in homes today is the rectangle. Like the square, it also comes in a variety of sizes. It’s very often installed today in a running bond or brick pattern. Many people call these subway tiles, but “subway” is actually a combination of a rectangular tile installed in a running bond pattern.

In a smaller space, rectangle tiles can be installed in a vertical pattern to add height to a space. This is an excellent technique for shower walls to give the feeling of more space.

Ornate Shapes

Of course, there are many other shapes available: diamond, Moroccan, hexagon. You name it; there is something to suit your needs. These more ornate shapes can, however, come with higher costs for installation. That’s something to keep in mind before you start falling in love with these tile shapes.

When selecting your tile, start with choosing the basic field tile of either square or rectangle. Then start thinking about the pattern that fits well with your design style. The real beauty in tile design is when just the right combination of shapes, colors, and sizes come together for your perfect look. This is where the expertise of our designers comes alive and they’ll make this process easier and more fun for you!


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