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This week we’ve teamed up with Chuck and his team at Ideal Garage Solutions to bring you some great advice on your next garage project.

For the love of all things holy. 

I just want a garage that looks great, lasts a long time and doesn’t give me a headache to get it done.  Since March, my husband and I have been in the market for a new and improved garage setting.  We want the “pretty” sparkly floor (my words) and a “manly” work bench (my words… his ego).  I had no idea that our search would be inundated with words like “polyaspartic” and “polyurea/epoxy base coat”. Nor did I expect there to be So. Many. Options.   After four months, I am finally confident to report that I have (single-handedly) cracked the garage improvement code. 


If you have found yourself in the market for the “IDEAL” garage, let me save you some time and effort.  Here’s what matters most:


Let’s face it.  It’s human nature to want to work with people you like.  It makes the process FUN and it will go by quicker.  As I trudged around the Home & Garden show this past year and talked to what seemed to me an insurmountable number of garage flooring vendors, I found myself more irritated than not.  I felt the high pressure of the sale and also found myself feeling uncomfortable with the idea of certain folks coming in my house.  Then, I met Chuck and his team at Ideal Garage Solutions. 

What caught my attention first was the fact they were laughing and smiling with the other people at the booth.  I heard them asking questions like “how do you use your garage?” and “what causes you stress?”.  These were different questions and I could immediately see that they were problem solvers.  My husband and I patiently waited for our turn and quickly learned a few key components that we kept in mind until we made our decision…

– No Sub Contractors!  The team at IDEAL is locally owned and operated (by Chuck!) and the staff has grown to over a dozen employees.  You could tell they treat their employees like family.  So, when I they came to my house, I was HAPPY to invite them in!

– Superior Training!  The team was “skillfully” trained within the industry and easily guided us through the creative process required to design our custom garage solutions.

– No High Pressure sales!  Honestly, I didn’t feel like I was “sold” anything.  I told them what stressed us out and they offered a solution.  That was an easy choice!


This gets into the words I referenced before.  “Poly” this.  “Poly” that.  Ultimately, the product used on the floor itself is so similar across all companies that my husband and I didn’t care about hearing it anymore!  What we did learn was that the PROCESS in which the flooring is installed is what makes the difference. 

Ideal Garage Solutions came out and started with a FREE design consultation.  This was critical for us.  We walked through the garage and with a pretty cool piece of technology, they were able to help us literally visualize what the solutions would look like – floor to ceiling. 

At this point, they explained why their installation process is so different.   “The preparation process is the most critical step in creating a long-lasting, beautiful garage floor coating,” that’s what Chuck told us!  So, this is where I knew it would be “pretty!”.  Their team properly prepared the surface by using this really unique equipment to “diamond grind” the old floor and fixed all of the cracks. This process helped to remove the stains and opened the pores of the concrete, allowing their specialized coating to properly adhere.  The rest was very scientific, but as a female that takes pride in skin care… I understood it!  Basically, ladies… they deep clean the floor, they exfoliate it with a high end scrub, moisturize it and get it ready for the foundation!  And you and I both know, with the right skin care regimen, your foundation lasts longer (polyurea) and the makeup looks better (choose your paint!).


One of my biggest takeaways is that I needed to “redefine” what PRODUCT meant within my search.  I needed to look at the OTHER products these companies offered to complete my vision and make my garage IDEAL.  For example…  in order for my husband to get his “many” work bench… we needed the right storage equipment.  Ideal Garage Solutions is one of the areas only partners with RedLine.  Their products are functional, strong and PRETTY!  Chuck’s team also educated us on other options for storage, organization and such.  Let me just put it this way… my basement is next on our list now!!

Here’s hoping that this insight will shorten your search and get you one step closer to your IDEAL garage…sooner. 

by David Peterson from Ideal Garage Solutions