Functional Cabinet Hardware: The Unsung Hero of Great Kitchen Design

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July 23, 2019
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Ever get frustrated digging in the back of the drawer for the cheese slicer you know is in there but just can’t seem to find? Cabinet hardware decisions don’t stop at the handle or knob used to open cabinet and drawers. They also include the usually unseen mechanisms that allow your drawers to open and close smoothly. Making the right choice will determine how far the drawers will open, and whether or not kids can slam the drawers while doing the dishes. Keep reading to learn more about cabinet hardware options and what they mean for your kitchen remodeling project.

Standard or Soft Close?

One of the three major decisions to make when deciding on cabinet hardware is, “Do I want standard close or soft close hardware?”

 With standard close hardware, nothing limits the movement of the drawer or cabinet door, so they can be slammed more easily. With soft close hardware, drawers and doors become slam proof! Not only will “slam proof” make for a quieter home, they also protect the cabinetry from the wear and tear that can happen when they are banged closed regularly.

Want Part of the Drawer or All of the Drawer?

Three-Quarter extension hardware only allows the drawer to come out of the cabinet about three-quarters of the way. This leaves you reaching blindly into the back of the drawer when looking for something that you perhaps don’t use very often.

Full extension hardware, as the name implies, allows the drawer to be pulled entirely out of the cabinet and everything in them is easily visible and accessible, making things easier to find and allowing for better organization.

Smaller or Larger Weight Capacity?

Lastly, consider how much weight you plan to put into your cabinet drawers. Standard hardware has a lower weight rating and is more likely to break or wear out quickly if there is too much weight  in the drawer. Using a heavier duty hardware will provide a greater capacity so the drawer can be filled with whatever is needed, without the worry of breaking the mechanisms or wearing them down more quickly.

We know how overwhelming all the small details of remodeling a home can be, and with a designer by your side to walk you through the process, you’ll find this phase of remodeling a lot easier. At Bauscher Construction we provide professional interior design on staff so you’ll never be alone when making all the little, but important, decisions.


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