Winter is Coming: Here’s 11 Tips to Prepare

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The nights are getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s time to join the squirrels and prepare for winter! Though we don’t need to store nuts and pack more leaves into our home, we do have a list of chores that can really make surviving this winter easier.  

Clean the Gutters. 

How to Prepare for Fall

Without clean gutters and proper flow control, you might be dealing with icy front steps this winter! Be sure to clean your gutters so melting snow and freezing rain can flow away from your walking areas and foundation. 

Prep the Snow Blowers and Clean the Lawnmower

Before leaving your weed eater and lawnmower in the shed all winter give them a good cleaning so they are ready to go in the spring.

If you have a snowblower now is the time to check the tires and make sure everything is working correctly. You don’t want to mess with that at 5am when you need to get to work and there is a foot of snow on the ground. 

Feed the Grass

Though your grass may look like it’s dying, it is simply preparing for winter. To help it survive the cold and snow this year and encourage stronger roots and greener grass next year, fertilizing your lawn after your last mowing. This will keep the roots healthy and strong all winter long. 

And a bonus tip: If you love bulb plants in the spring time fall is the perfect time to plant those. 

Empty the Pipes

Unless you enjoy the horrors broken water pipes can bring, we always suggest turning off outside water sources. Turn off the water lines and then open the spigots outside to drain the line. This is a simple task that could save you lots of money and a huge head ache. 

How to Prepare for Fall

Winter is Coming

To prepare, check that your heating system is in order. Furnace filters need to be changed monthly to ensure clean air in the winter time. It also improves the effectiveness of your furnace and can reduce your energy bills. Just be sure to replace the filter so it is facing the correct way. Double check for the arrow on the filter that will show you which way the air should flow through it. 

Outdoor Furniture 

It’s time to have one last summer party on your outdoor furniture before bringing them inside for winter. Don’t forget to clean them off! Bringing in your outdoor furniture can expand the furniture’s life and keep them looking their best.

Fire! Detectors.

With fall and winter come holiday dinners, nights around the fireplace, and lighting our pumpkin spice candles. Now is the time to make sure all your detectors have fresh batteries and your alarms are set and ready! 

Check Your House for Leaks

How to Prepare for Fall

When sending all that money to duke this winter you’ll be wishing you did this next tip! Walk around your house and look for any places that warm air could escape. Check for peeling or cracking caulk around doors and windows. Poke around your plumbing pipes and air ducts to see if there are any gaps that need to be filled. Your wallet will be thanking you this winter!

Heat rises! 

With this next tip you’ll make your heating bills go down and have warmer toes too! Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. In summer we want our fans to suck the hot air up and push the cold air down. In the winter we want all that warm air down with us. 

Chim Chiminey, Chim Chiminey, Chim Chim Cher-oo

If you have a beautiful fireplace in your home where the family will gather around during those chilly winter nights, it’s a good idea to get your chimney cleaned and maintenance. Ensuring your fireplace is in good working order is a small task compared to the tragedy it could be if something goes wrong. 

How to Prepare for Fall

Organize the Shed

With all these summer things that we’re putting away and storing, cleaning out your shed will make winter tasks a lot easier. Move all your summer items to the back and the winter ones to the front. This way when you have to get to something this winter you wont have to go searching in the cold. You’ll also want to remove any liquids in the shed that might freeze. 

Once you have all your chores done it’s time to treat yourself to a mug of eggnog or some Irish coffee!


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