West Chester Traditional White Kitchen

West Chester Traditional White Kitchen

traditional kitchen remodel

West Chester Traditional White Kitchen

Custom cabinetry, distinctive moulding, textured tiles, and built-in appliances are some of the featured that grace this stunning kitchen renovation. A built-in refrigerator flows right into the new custom cabinetry with hardware matches perfectly to the cabinetry pulls. The bright white cabinets allow the light in the room to bounce around and illuminate the space beautifully. By implementing our lighting layer technique we added under-cabinet lighting to assist with any kitchen tasks. Ambient room lighting is provided by recessed fixtures expertly placed to give the space a pleasant ambiance. All of the lights are controlled by dimmer switches and can be adjusted for whatever the mood or occasion requires.

Moving on to the Family room, the old stained woodwork now has a fresh coat of paint in the perfect shade that connects it nicely to the new Kitchen design. The Family room also features a custom furniture piece designed to create a unique place to display our client’s unique glass work. Stone was installed on the fireplace to update what used to be a brick surround. It’s a stunning new detail that draws you into the space to sit and enjoy the fire.

The Dining room completes the picture and features a new chandelier and wainscot panels creating a stunning place to enjoy holiday dinners or dinner with friends.

Watch the video to see a tour of this stunning kitchen!