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What’s hot for your home?

Designing and remodeling homes in Cincinnati’s great neighborhoods means that we stay at the leading edge of design and remodeling trends as they happen! Let’s dig into some of the 2018 remodeling trends.

Oh What Beautiful Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where everything happens. So it is no surprise that families of all types want to upgrade and improve this busy and important space.


 what are the latest remodeling trends loveland oh

If you have an older Cincinnati home, there’s a good chance that you have a kitchen that is hidden away from the other parts of your home. Back when these old gems were built, kitchens were considered a work area, not something to be seen. Well, times have changed since then and today’s families want kitchens that are connected and open to the other living spaces. Taking down walls and connecting the kitchen to a living room or dining area continues to be very popular, and we don’t anticipate this trend going away anytime soon.


Does throwing a cocktail party makes you feel more like a waitress than a host? Having the space that provides the functionality and flow that allows you to entertain guests while taking part in all the fun is a high priority. Paying close attention to traffic flows, eating areas, the placement of appliances, and seating can make your home the go-to place for friends and family. There’s always something to celebrate, and if not, just to celebrate friends and family in a comfortable and engaging way.


Long gone are the days of the one cook home. Rather than a task to be completed, couples find joy in spending time together in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces. Okay, that is a bit strong for must of us amateurs, but what’s better than hanging out with your best friend, then getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or entertaining friends and having space for two of you to participate in the experiences. More workspace, better traffic flow around islands, and some additional clearance in walk areas can make cooking together easier and more enjoyable.


Is your formal dining space that room you see as often as your holiday guests? You are not alone. Formal dining has undoubtedly lost popularity as more of us focus on casual time with our friends and family. Transforming formal dining rooms by opening them up to create larger spaces and informal dining is also a high priority kitchen remodeling trend.


We all know that magnetic aroma of an American summer BBQ! And if you’re like most of us, you don’t want to have to trek back and forth to the grill while your guests enjoy one another’s company. Creating and connecting outdoor living spaces with the kitchen is a trend that keeps growing, and it makes a summer birthday party or a 4th of July BBQ much more comfortable to host and enjoy.

 what are the latest remodeling trends loveland oh


It is hard to miss the popularity and influence that Fixer Upper has had on America’s remodeling trends. Painted cabinets and ship-lap are everywhere and can be part of a wide variety of design styles. White, gray, and navy are becoming more and more popular when it comes to painted cabinetry. With the rising popularity of the Farmhouse Chic, the trend toward painted cabinetry is not likely to go away anytime soon.


Twenty years ago it seemed everyone wanted cabinetry to be ornate like pieces of French country furniture in their home. Fast forward to today, and the prevailing trend is simple and clean styles that can play well in many different design styles. Raised panel doors are less popular with more flat panels and shaker designs taking the spotlight.


Wolf appliances, with their distinctive red knobs, have become the BMW of today’s luxury kitchen remodel options. All of the major appliance manufacturers have their own industrial looking and have become one of the coveted items in many kitchen remodeling projects. They integrate well with almost any style kitchen and are workhorses that make your weekend parties more fun to host.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends, It’s All About Luxury!


Without a doubt, the most common request we see in a new bathroom is a larger shower. We guess America woke up and decided that showering in a phone booth is just too cramped.


This is probably the most common pickle our clients get into when remodeling their bathroom, to keep the tub or ditch it. The trend for several years has definitely been moving away from tubs in favor of larger showers as mentioned above. For more information on the debate between having and not having a tub, check out our video on the topic here.


Can you think of ten things right now that you would rather do than clean your bathroom? Yeah, we thought so too. Low maintenance materials like porcelain tile and stain resistant grouts are staples in new bathroom designs. No one wants to spend their Saturday scrubbing grout, so be sure to ask about which kind will be used on your new bathroom floor.


We may not like it, but we are not getting any younger. More accidents and injuries happen in the bathroom than any other room in the house. It’s the place where slips and falls can turn a morning shower into a trip to the emergency room. Everything from cabinetry design to the placement of bathroom accessories can aid in making a bathroom not just safer, but also more convenient to use. Worried this will mean your bathroom will look like it belongs at CVG? Check out our blog, Will My House be Ugly with Accessible Options?, and our video LIST THE VIDEO LINK HERE to learn more about the great options for making your bathroom safe and beautiful.


Along with large showers, multiple showering options continue to grow in popularity. A handheld shower with adjustable height is perfect for a 5’5” and 6’3” couple to get just the right height for their shower. Handhelds also make cleaning easier by giving you a convenient way to rinse down the shower when you’re finished. Rain style shower heads provide a soft and gentle rain like experience that just might rinse away the day’s stress. Sounds like the perfect way to start or end your day, doesn’t it?


In addition to the things we have already touched on, other spoil me luxury options like body sprays, towel warmers, and heated floors are popular as well. These little touches can make your morning routine anything but routine.


If you have navigated the great tub debate and decided on a tub, freestanding tubs are easily the most popular option for bathroom remodeling today. They are not only functional but also offer a wide range of styles to add a beautiful touch to your bathroom design. From contemporary to the traditional clawfoot, these timeless pieces have a design to suit every taste.

 what are the latest remodeling trends loveland oh


Of course, a bathroom is going to have tile, but that does not mean that it has to be the same old same old anymore! Unusual and unique tile shapes are rising in popularity. Penny, hexagon, large rectangular, and arabesque shapes are finding their way into bathroom designs of all styles. Check out our video here for more information about tile shape and pattern options.

Smart People Make Smart Choices

Our goal with these pieces is to help you get the information you need to make educated choices for your home and family. If you have found this helpful, or have questions or requests for other topics, please leave them below, and we will make sure you get the answers you need.

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