Project Timing: 2 Misconceptions and How to Avoid Disappointment

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We all love watching Chip & Joanna Gaines turn a decrepit old home into a farmhouse-chic dream in a half-hour segment; however, the time warp effect needed to make it all fit into the program can lead to many misconceptions. When diving into a remodel project, you might be wondering what you can expect and just how long your project will really take.

First Misconception: You Can Remodel Your Home in Half an Hour

The truth is, you can not remodel your home in half an hour. Chip and Joanna are a hoot to watch on TV and shows like theirs are a fantastic source of inspiration and ideas. However, they are not such a great source for getting an understanding of the process and timing that a remodeling project needs to be done correctly. TV magic is a beautiful thing, and a deceiving one. Have a great time watching these shows and even watch for some great design ideas that you love. Just keep in mind that the real world doesn’t get a commercial break with a time warp built in.”

Second Misconception: Construction Can Start Without Completing a Design

This will be catastrophic to your project. We get it, you want to jump right in start taking out all those old cabinets. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll have your dream home right? This is another false belief that will cause you to be in the construction phase longer and will almost certainly not finish on time. The design phase of a remodeling project is the time when every detail gets hammered out (pun intended). Without a clear design time schedules run over, and you experience the headache of an open wallet and a never-ending project. Skipping or rushing through the design process is a sure way to find yourself standing in your ripped out kitchen with a someone asking you which faucet you want after your old one is already ripped out.

So how do you avoid these common mistakes and end with the perfect project that is completed on time and in budget?

project timing

Why Design-Build

Don’t skimp on planning. During the design phase you might get impatient, but skipping or rushing design can create a lot more problems down the road. Defining clear outlines about what the project is going to be and selecting all the parts and pieces that will be involved is critical to success. The construction team will have clear directions and a game plan to create your project on time and in budget. Bottom line, as easy as it can be to want to rush to get to construction, be sure you spend an adequate amount of time getting the design right.

Want to learn more about what Design-Build means for your project? Read our blog: What Does Design/Build Mean for My Project?

What Impacts Timing?

Though it’s hard to tell you how long your project will take before we get a clearly defined design together, there are some things to remember when talking with your contractor about project timing.

·      Your Availability

When creating that in-depth design, you’ll be meeting with a designer regularly to pick out selections that will go into your home. Availability, or lack thereof, to meet with that designer could push your project back. Remember, we don’t want to pick up a single hammer before that design is complete!

·      Unclear Expectations

All frustration comes from unmet expectations. To keep your expectations from not being met, be sure to get a written and clear project schedule at the beginning of the project. Also be sure you understand how the schedule will be tracked and communicated during the construction process. Small adjustments to timing as the work unfolds are a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean they need to be a surprise. Ask about a systematic scheduling update and review that will keep you both on the same page.

project timing

·      Lack of Communication

When talking with remodelers you’re considering working with, look for one with a transparent process for handling your project from start to finish. If you ask about their process and they stumble around or you get a deer in the headlights look, you may want to move on.

In the end, your project and its timing will be most affected by how well the design is completed before anything else begins. We might sound like a broken record, but we’d rather you not have to write your own horror story of a project that went on forever or never even finished.


Our goal with these pieces is to help you get the information you need to make educated choices for your home and family. If you’ve found this helpful, share it with others. If you have questions or would like to request other topics to be covered, please use the comment section below and we’ll make sure you get you the answers you need.

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