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June 14, 2018
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Farmhouse or Farmhouse Chic

 how a designer can help loveland oh

Farmhouse style kitchens are extremely popular right now. With their ship-lap walls and Carrara marble countertops, it’s easy to see why this comfortable style is so popular! It’s a stunning look that feels like home. So how do you create your own farmhouse style home?

White cabinets, white walls, white trim…white everywhere. Throw in some bronze or matte black lights and cabinet hardware as well to create a little contrast. Add some open shelving, and maybe a galvanized steel accent and you are good to go. And is it really a farmhouse kitchen without an apron sink and bridge faucet?

 how a designer can help loveland oh

It’s also very popular to have a contrasting island countertop in a farmhouse style kitchen. Be sure to include authentic, barn wood in the form of doors or beams, and you will have a Pinterest worthy kitchen, no doubt. Stick with bright and warm colors to keep in theme. Don’t clutter up the space though; farmhouse has a very particular clean but lived in look that can seem messy if not done right.

Check out these projects to get some more farmhouse inspiration!

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Chic Kitchen

Modern Styles

Though it took Cincinnati a while to catch up, modern style projects have been popping up in significant numbers over the past five to ten years. If you are dreaming of creating your own modern design, here are a few things that are key to include.

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Clean, simple, smooth, sleek, these are all words that describe a modern style space. Nothing fancy and no frills with this style. Less is more. Try to stick with slab front cabinets and maybe even floating cabinets in some areas. If your flooring is a concrete or gray tone tile, consider wood cabinets that are simple in style but add a little warmth to the room. Alternatively, maybe stick with painted cabinets and add warmth with a contrasting island.

Avoid copper and gold fixtures and go for polished chrome, brass, or stainless steel. Square sinks instead of round sinks are a good choice and be sure they are undermount to keep the sleek and clean look intact. Consider an induction cooktop as an option, they work great with modern style kitchens and keep the kitchen looking clean and clutter-free. A built-in refrigerator and dishwasher will help the cabinets have a seamless look.

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When decorating your modern kitchen think of one accent color and keep it simple. No clutter and as minimalistic as possible. Unlike Farmhouse where the “lived in” look is desired, a modern style kitchen should look camera ready at all times.

Check out these projects to get some more modern inspiration!

Modern Kitchen

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Traditional Cincinnati Style

If you are like most homeowners in Cincinnati, you probably have a very traditional style home since so many were built here over the years. Many of our projects are still keeping with the style of traditional, and it looks great with our city’s rich traditional heritage.

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Here are some tips for remodeling your kitchen achieving a great the traditional style. For cabinetry stick with rich wood tones and raised panel door styles. A furniture look is also a great idea and will fit in nicely. Granite countertops and possibly walnut or rich wood tops on an island provide warmth and the feel of natural materials. Ogee or decorative edges on the countertops add just that extra bit of flare. Brass, chrome or brushed nickel fixtures can really make the space shine. Crown moulding with a more ornate profile and furniture feet applied to the cabinets will complete the look.

When it comes to traditional, it’s all about the details and the embellishments. Pay close attention to all those little things, and the more flare, the better. Go for a built-in look for your appliances to keep a consistent feel in the cabinetry. Lot’s of warm darker colors will be sure to make your space the perfect traditional style Cincinnati kitchen.

 how a designer can help loveland oh

Check out these perfect examples of Traditional style kitchens!

If you like painted cabinets check out this one. Traditional Kitchen

If you like wood cabinets check out this one. Traditional Kitchen

Transitional Style

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If the stark, sleek lines of modern are too much for you, and traditional is a too ornate, maybe transitional style is the answer for you! It’s simpler than traditional but warmer than modern. Here are some helpful suggestions to make your space transitional.

Clean lines are essential, but not as extremely simple as a modern design. This means keep the embellishments and flare to a minimum, but don’t eliminate them everywhere. A raised panel can be used, and you can also move to a shaker style with a flat panel design. Slab doors are too sleek for transitional. Transitional style is a more subtle style where details tend to blend rather than stand out and is a bit of a mix of traditional and modern features. The flexibility can be fun as you can use a composite sink or stainless steel and a variety of fixture finishes.

 how a designer can help loveland oh

Check out these transitional kitchens in Cincinnati to get some inspiration! Transitional Kitchen

For a more modern-leaning style, check out this one! Transitional Kitchen

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